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If you have heard from calligraphers who’ve been doing calligraphy for a while now, you might notice that pretty much every single one of them has stressed on the importance of using quality supplies when you’re first starting out. This could be the make-or-break moment in your own calligraphy journey. It’s the difference between throwing the towel in or continuing to grow and develop your skills!

I can certainly back that argument up as to why supplies are so important in this game. I started off with using normal printing paper when I first picked up a brush pen last year and boy, was that the wrong move! My brush pens frayed so quickly, and when I tried pointed pen with normal printing paper, my nibs kept catching on the fibres of the paper. It was at this point when I decided that it was time to really look for quality supplies.

So, to help you guys out, here’s a list of tried and tested supplies that I can’t live without. I truly hope that this list is helpful to you all in your calligraphy journey!

Oblique pen holder:

My beautiful galaxy pen holder was purchased from @novebyvivent!

The Moblique pen holder, created by the amazing Luis Creations is also a great option! The colours are beautiful and they are so affordable! The plus is that they double up as BOTH a straight penholder and an oblique penholder. Feel free to check them out on his website here:


  • Nikko G – I started out with this nib, and have not yet put it down after almost a year. It’s excellent for beginners, and for heavy-handed people like me.
  • Tachikawa G – similar to Nikko G
  • Zebra G – similar to Nikko G
  • Hunt 22 – a more flexible nib, fell in love with using it after going through Younghae’s (@logos_calligraphy) online Copperplate course


  • Kuretake/Moon Palace Sumi Ink
  • Dr PH Martin’s Bleed Proof White
  • Finetec/Coliro Pearl Colours
  • Walnut Ink


  • J. Burrows Premium Digital Paper (LOVE this paper from Officeworks. If you’re in Australia, you so need to get it!)
  • Rhodia pads


  • Dinky dips
  • Paper towel
  • Eyedropper Bottles
  • Ink Jars

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